Downtown Dawg

The Downtown Dawg is a safe and reliable night transportation system sponsored by the SA. The system runs two separate loops with a central hub at the Fraternity Row Shuttle stop. The centralized hub system is designed to make the ride to your destination more efficient and to increase the frequency at which shuttles pick-up/drop-off at each stop.

The system is divided into the Maroon Route and White Route:

Maroon Route:
  • Cotton District
  • Mugshots
  • Rick's
  • Dave's Dark Horse
  • Fraternity Row (HUB)
White Route:
  • Sorority Row #1/#2
  • Rice/Cresswell/Hathorn
  • Union
  • Zacharias Village
  • Sessums/McKee
  • 21 Apartments
  • Fraternity Row (HUB)

Two shuttles will run Friday & Saturday from 10:00 - 1:30am, except for holidays and game weekends. You can track the Downtown Dawg online at

For more information, contact the Director of Transportation & Parking.